Four seasonsAs a born and bred Melbourne girl, I am well aware of the four seasons. Melbourne is infamous for having them all in one day. Aside from that variability, my city does enjoy four distinct seasons. I love the coming and going of each season, the rhythm and cycle of the year. In fact, you’ll see when you scroll to the bottom, I love the seasons so much that I celebrate them in a fun way.

The seasons have much to teach us. Here are a few things I’ve learned from the four seasons, and how they can teach us about organising and life:

There’s something good about each season. Summer brings the sun and easy living. Autumn brings colour and the chance to kick piles of dried leaves. Winter brings hot chocolate and cosy nights in. Spring brings fresh air and flowers. There’s something to be grateful for in each season of the year, and each season of life.

The things I use, and therefore need at hand, differ from one season to the next. The bathers of summer are replaced by scarves in autumn. The coats of winter are replaced by cardigans in spring. It’s not just our clothes that change from one season to the next. I’m thinking of cooking appliances, outdoor equipment, even the parts of our homes. As organisers, we have the opportunity to give people easy access to the things they need when and where they need them. Think about all the clients you’ve worked with. Would any of them be interested in a seasonal refresh service from you? Have you asked?

The changing of the seasons acts as a reminder to adjust how we live in our environment. If offers up the chance to take a fresh look at what we own. Those sandals we wore almost daily last summer may be looking tatty a year later. Is that ice cream maker ever going to make ice cream?

[Side note: this is a question I asked myself last month. The answer was “Yes. I’ll make ice cream once and then get rid of it. It’s taking up too much space.” I made strawberry ice cream, and it was delicious. So now the answer has become “I’m keeping the ice cream maker so I can make more delicious ice cream again. The trick is to keep the freezing bowl in the freezer so it’s ready to go whenever I feel the inspiration.”]

Ok, back to the four seasons. Just as there are differences in the things we use, and how we live in our environment, according to the seasons, they also influence our organising businesses. The exact details will depend on the type of client you serve. My business is typically quieter in the height of summer and depths of winter. But come springtime, kapow! The phone rings hot with clients who are ready to fling open the windows, let fresh air into their homes and are ready to declutter like crazy. There’s also the magical deadline of Christmas looming to add to the urgency. What seasons have you noticed in your organising business?

I hope that whatever season you are in, business wise, it is working for you and your clients. If not, feel free to give me a call. I’d love to help.


Four Seasons - Colours of Summer

This Colours of Summer cross stitch was so much fun to create. I also have Colours of Winter, and I rotate them with the seasons. I’m working on the others as well.


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