Even organisers make travel packing mistakes. That’s the theme for organising lesson #6 from Morocco. In my defence, I did plenty of research ahead of the trip and based most of my decisions on that, as well as on knowing myself and what I feel comfortable wearing.

We travelled to Morocco in May, their springtime. But the weather was much warmer than we expected. At the start of the trip, the days were around low 20 degrees. By the end of the 16 days, it was nearly 30 degrees. Advice from the tour company warned about the cold nights in the Sahara Desert and the High Atlas Mountains. So naturally I packed a warm coat, a scarf, and warm pants and tops. Didn’t need them. Ever. On the other hand, I could have done with an extra summer dress or two. Our comfortable tent accommodation in the Sahara baked under the Moroccan sun during the day and did not cool much at night. I’m sure the travel advice was correct, and it can get quite cold overnight, but not while we were there.

There were only two things my husband and I disagreed on during the trip, and they both relate to packing for travel. He thought I should have packed our elastic travel clothesline, and I made the conscious decision not to. I had no trouble finding ways to hang our clothes after washing them in the hotel rooms, but he mentioned it often enough that we laughed about it. He chose to take only a cabin bag sized suitcase, while I thought he should have taken a regular sized one. When we left Australia, his bag was already full. When I reminded him that we planned to bring back souvenirs, he was not concerned. In the end, he bought a beautiful goat leather overnight bag in the souks of Marrakech, which was his carry-on bag for the return trip, holding all the souvenirs. Well played.

The photo below shows me in a shoe stall in the souks of Marrakech. No, I didn’t NEED another pair of shoes, but I got them anyway. 🙂

Whenever I travel, whether it’s for a weekend in the country or a month overseas, I always pack some things I don’t need and wish I’d packed others. But I never let it spoil my trip. Making mistakes is a part of life and learning.

Two things work for me every time I travel. The first is to be up to date with my laundry. If everything is clean and put away, it’s ready to pack. The second is a printed and laminated packing list, so I never forget a thing. Mind you, I’ve had that list a long time and it’s time to create a new one. Long gone are the days I take the camera, camera charger, camera instructions, book and book light. All those functions are now done by my phone. Life is getting simpler. And hopefully there will be no more travel packing mistakes.

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Buying a pair of shoes in the souks of Marrakech. My size was stored in the ceiling.


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