A to Z of Organising - V is for visitorsVa Va Voom! We’re up to the letter V in the A to Z of Organising. Enjoy!


Virtual consultation – Working face to face with clients in their home is how most organisers deliver their services. There is an alternative, which I myself specialise in. That’s virtual organising consultations. Virtual organising requires a range of skills from the organiser that go beyond the ability to sort, declutter and organise. Virtual organising is not for everyone. It doesn’t suit every organiser, and it’s not a right fit for every client. It works for clients who are able bodied enough to carry out the physical tasks, who are motivated enough to do the brain work and the physical tasks, and who can set aside the time to complete tasks without someone being there with them. I’ve recorded three classes on the topic. They are available in The Professional Organiser’s Edge program.


Visibility – Have you heard the expression, “out of sight, out of mind”? That is exactly why many of our clients leave things out, rather than putting things away. It acts as a memory jogger. But it can also lead to things piling up, piles toppling over and intermingling, and ultimately, chaos. There are ways to both put things away where they belong AND have them visible. Think labels, clear containers, open shelves and contents lists. For example, I store board games in a cane trunk. When I open the lid of the trunk, I can’t see all the board games at a glance. The first thing I see when I open the lid is a list of all the games inside the trunk. Visibility.


Vision – A client consultation often starts with one question: “What’s your vision for your home?”  This could equally apply to any other aspect of life that requires organising – family, work, days and weeks or even the whole year. A clearly stated vision will guide all the next steps. It will help when decisions become tricky, or the process becomes uncomfortable.


Visitors – CHAOS, aka Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome, is one reason clients reach out for organising help. What a joy it is to be able to help someone invite visitors into their home again. Whether it’s for a dinner party, afternoon tea or weekend stay, enjoying the company of visitors is an important social connection. Never underestimate the power of a welcoming home.


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