Recently I shared my simple little spreadsheet that helps me quickly locate items in my new home.

It’s official title is “Where Is it?” It was originally going to be something fruitier since that’s what I say when I’m frustrated by looking for something, but I wanted to stick with a positive title.

I add to the spreadsheet whenever I need to. If things move or something new comes in, it’s added to the spreadsheet. I don’t bother with everyday items like cutlery or scissors, but for other things used less often – like matches, stamps, the pie maker – the land on my Where Is It? spreadsheet.

In a recent newsletter, I suggested this strategy would be useful for our organising clients. As we find new places for things in a client’s home, we can make the client’s transition easier by recording where things have landed.

I also shared my idea on Linkedin and boom! a financial advisor and money nerd friend of mine, Stephen Farrell from Guided Wealth came back with even more ways to use a simple spreadsheet to make your life easier.

Here’s what Stephen wrote:

Nice tip Angela, super simple, I am always a fan of spreadsheets 😉

Another great use that is tangential to this is to have a catalogue of everything in the house for insurance purposes. I do this 2 ways;

  1. I take bulk photos on my phone and drop them into the spreadsheet, room by room.
  2. Then if you are extra nerdy like me, anything that is worth over $100 I take individual photos of and drop them into a separate tab in a spreadsheet.

Each year I update the sheet with any new expensive items (typically tech gadgets for me, it’s my vice). This all might sound a bit overkill, but I live in a High Bushfire Danger Zone, so I am a little extra paranoid.

But if you ever have to make an insurance claim, this will make your life a thousand times easier!

Thanks Stephen!

Do you love Stephen’s idea too? Not only smart for us at home, but yet another service we could offer our clients.


Spreadsheets for the Win


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