Out of the blue, over the weekend I received a phone call from someone whose children I cared for over 17 years ago. We hadn’t spoken in all that time and it was so nice to catch up on the changes in our lives, and to hear about what those children are doing now they are adults. Thanks to Google I was easy to track down. The conversation had me reflecting on my business and I realised that, just like those babies have grown into fully fledged adults, my business, “my baby”, has grown up.

Personal Milestone - a month in VeniceIt’s a massive personal milestone that I celebrate every day that I get to work as I do. There’s also another personal milestone coming on the horizon. At the end of September, I head off for a month in my favourite city in the world, Venice. It feels enormous to me, because for the first time I will step away from my business (except for emergencies) and totally immerse myself in Italian life.

One question I ask my mentoring clients is: What do you want more of? Well, I asked myself that question, and it turns out, apart from more travel, I also want to help more organisers get the most out of their business. To do that I have to let some things go. Once I realised that, it was an easy decision to make some changes at The Professional Organiser’s Edge. I’ve made it more streamlined, more user friendly and more attractive than ever before. Oh it was great before. It’s even better now.

My upcoming travel milestone seems like the perfect time to reset. But first I had to reach out to my current members with the news. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Yay! I’m on the right track.

So here’s what you get with the new look Professional Organiser’s Edge:

  • lifetime access to a library of over 120 classes
  • professional resources including templates, forms and checklists
  • listing on the Find Organising Help directory
  • monthly live Q&A group meeting
  • a private Facebook group
  • a Kickstart 60-minute 1:1 mentoring session
  • and lots more

There are two membership levels: Expert and Elite, which includes 1:1 mentoring. And did I mention they both come with lifetime access? For as long as my business exists, members will get all the good stuff.

The Professional Organiser’s Edge is an essential resource for professional organisers. But I understand that membership may not be for everyone. That’s why I also offer straight up, no frills, 1:1 mentoring. I want to make sure you get the support you need, however you need it.

On my return from Italy on October 30th I will be ready to take on new mentees. Drop me a line today to get the ball rolling.


Professional Organiser's Edge


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