Amanda LecaudeAmanda Lecaude from Organising Students works with students and their parents, as well as schools throughout Australia and even overseas. Amanda kindly agreed to share her wisdom and experience about being an organiser.

Tell me, Amanda, who is your ideal client?

My client base is generally students from Year 6 through to university. Transition to secondary school is a key focus. My students can be either neurotypical or neurodiverse with learning challenges. As part of working with my students, I also often work closely with parents and other health professionals like psychologists, behaviour support specialists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and others. It’s important to ensure we work as a team to support a student. Also included in this are the schools my students attend.

What drew you to the organising industry? How long have you been involved?

I started my business eleven years ago as a general organiser. Seven years ago I moved into working with students. I’m very proud of the business I’ve established from scratch in the student space.

What was the pivotal moment for you starting out as an organiser?

I am still to this day extremely grateful to a good friend of mine who pointed me in the direction of AAPO, which sadly no longer exists. I’d been looking for my own business and was so pleased to find my tribe and be welcomed into the organising community. It was very important to connect and learn from others. I still learn something every day, practising what I preach to my students. I strive to be the best I can be to support my clients.

What’s your favourite thing about organising?

I love making a difference to the lives of others and in my case, it is students and indirectly their families. I really love it when my students have those ‘AHA’ moments when something just clicks and works for them. It’s about giving them the tools and skills they need to succeed at both school and in life.

To what do you attribute your success as an organiser?

Putting in the time and effort and being persistent over a long period of time. Many people probably don’t know this, but I did nearly throw it all in about six years ago to return to my corporate life. My business wasn’t where I needed it to be for my family at the time and I wondered if it ever would be. I’m so fortunate that I persevered, and I’m pleased to say it has now grown into a successful business with a waitlist.

What would you say to someone just starting out as an organiser?

Be yourself and do what makes you happy as that is all that matters. Be prepared though for the admin and management side of your business This can take time. Having said that, you can start small and add as you go. The overall key is to make sure you spend time both in and on your business.

What is one habit that helps your life run smoothly?

Getting up and exercising most mornings. Its great physically, mentally and socially! It’s a great start to a busy day ahead.

What is one thing people may not know about you?

I was fluent in Japanese. I’m not as much these days sadly though, due to lack of practice. It all started when I was an exchange student for 12 months in 1988. Now I’m giving away my age!

Is there anything else you want to share?

My exciting news is that I am expanding my business with staff so we will be able to support even more students and families!


Congratulations on your success and your business growth, Amanda! I’m glad you persevered and I bet your students are too.


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