You may have heard that I moved house recently and it involved heavy downsizing. My husband and I moved just one street away into a smaller apartment and we love it. But it hasn’t happened without some challenges and lessons learned. There are still boxes to unpack so I’m keeping this week’s blog short and sweet with a little tour of the place thrown in.

Chest of DrawersNew Alternative Tub Drawers

We had two of these chests of drawers. They did good service for years but very quickly after the move, we realised they were in the way. But the alternative solution was simple. From a chest of drawers to tub drawers in the bedroom shelves. Perfect.


Laundry storage lackingSpace under the sink

The combined bathroom and laundry had plenty of shallow cupboards, ideal for storing shampoo bottles and so on, but no good for laundry and cleaning supplies. A quick trip to IKEA found the solution, a deep drawer which fits nicely under the sink.

Edit: Someone has asked which IKEA product I used. It’s from the Besta range. Take a look here.

My pull out pantry


The days of buying value pack cereals and large bottles of olive oil are officially over. My compact pull out pantry has limits! And limits are what I’ll have to embrace.



On the other hand, not every nook and cranny is crammed, and I’ll do my best to keep it that way.





And just in case you’re wondering why we’d bother downsizing into a place that was 25% smaller inside than our previous home, here’s what we gain.


Melbourne City Skyline


If you’re downsizing and you’d like some help, take a look at my Find Organising Help directory. That’s where you’ll find organisers all over Australia who are ready, willing and able to to help with your move.


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