How will you celebrate World Organising Day?

That’s the question I posed last month in my Quick Question survey series. And here is the survey summary.

Celebrate World Organising Day


First, a little background. The International Federation of Professional Organizing Associations (IFPOA) has announced that May 20, 2022, will be World Organizing Day. Check it out here.

So here are the results of the survey.

50% said they will use World Organising Day to market my services.

17% plan to hold an event.

33% said “I don’t know but it will be fabulous!”

One new organiser is going to use the day to soft launch their business. Good luck and all the best with your business launch.

There are lots of great ideas being put to work. I know one proactive PO who has contacted her favourite radio station. Stay tuned! I know another who is hosting an information session at her local community centre.

World Organising Day IdeasAt the most recent Professional Organisers of Melbourne meeting, we brainstormed ideas for how to use the day to celebrate organising and the organising industry. You can see from the image it was a very productive brainstorm. Suggestions ranged from making a special offer to helping a charity, from a social media blitz to holding a competition. One of my favourites, with the Australian election on the very next day is to “declutter a pollie”.

In fact, the group enjoyed brainstorming and planning so much that we decided to have a party to mark the day. If you’re in Melbourne and you’d like to attend, let me know.

In my own businesses (I have two), I have plans of my own. For now, I’m keeping my cards close to my chest. I can give you a hint though. It pays to be a subscriber to the Hoarding Home Solutions newsletter. Click here to make that happen.

So now it’s over to you. Have you been inspired by these ideas? How will you celebrate the very first World Organising Day?



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