Each month I ask my fellow organisers a Quick Question. Their answers help to build an accurate picture of the organising industry, and I thank them for once again helping to do that. Here’s the survey summary.

The March Quick Question Survey asked:

As part of your organising work, do you ever purchase containers? If so, what are your preferred suppliers?

Favourite Container Suppliers

100% of organisers who responded do purchase containers. No big surprise there. Then they told me about their favourite container suppliers.

The survey gave options for preferred suppliers, which were listed alphabetically:

  • Big W
  • Bunnings
  • Howards Storage World
  • IKEA
  • kikki K
  • Kmart
  • Officeworks
  • Target
  • The Reject Shop
  • Other

All but one respondent said they buy from multiple suppliers. The one exception? Chantal Imbach from Photos in Order purchases only special archival quality photo storage boxes. Using archival photo-safe products is absolutely essential in her line of work.

For others, it often depends on the client’s budget and preference, as well as the size needed. Of the listed suppliers, Bunnings and Kmart topped the vote, with 69.2% each. kikki K received no votes, and Target only one vote.

The Reject Shop claimed 53.9% popularity. IKEA was next with 46.2%, and Big W received 38.5% of the votes. Howards Storage World and Officeworks tied with 30.8%.

As always, the numbers tell only part of the story. I also invited respondents to say what they looked for in containers and/or suppliers.

The list of factors that organisers consider when shopping for containers for their clients is long. Check out the word cloud, or read this full list:

  • favourite containersAvailability
  • Clarity
  • Client’s preference
  • Colour
  • Design
  • Durability
  • Fitted lid
  • Functionality
  • Online ordering
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Shopping convenience
  • Size
  • Stackability
  • Style
  • Sustainability
  • Where it’s made

Amy Kennedy from The Organising Bee uses 6 different suppliers and said, “I am usually looking for a container to meet a specific function, so the dimension of the container is an essential factor. I also look for the durability and strength. I avoid containers with flimsy handles or are made of fabric which are not likely to withstand a lot of use. If a client has requested that we match a particular style or aesthetic, colour may also be a decision-making factor.”

Leesa Kotis from The Clutter Bug is “I’m happy to purchase anywhere and work in with client’s budget. In saying that I love the Box Sweden range available at Bunnings.” She also said, “I try to encourage my clients that function’s much more important than form.”

Noela Collins from Organiser Your… uses “whoever has the correct size for the job on hand. I generally leave the client to find it once we have established the size required or a couple of different options.”

Once again, thanks to all those who contributed their thoughts to this survey.

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Now it’s over to you, reader. Who are your favourite container suppliers and what do you look for in your containers?


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