One of my organiser training graduates is Rachael Wald, who has a unique background and path that brought her to her organising business. Rachael agreed to share her insights.


Rachael WaldRachael, please tell us about yourself and your organising business.

Hi. I am Rachael Wald from Time to Tidy. I cover the southeast area of Melbourne, but I am happy to travel for the right client and the right job.

Helping anyone with their clutter is what I enjoy doing. My Occupational Therapy (OT) background gives me a clinical insight into some of the more complex clients we face as organisers. These are the people I enjoy working with. I’m NDIS registered and very familiar with the My Aged Care system. These form the bulk of my clients. Listening to people and why they’ve gathered a variety of possessions is always fascinating and worthy of help, especially if it is starting to interfere with their daily routines.


What drew you to the organising industry?

I became interested in organising after I was given the hoarding and squalor portfolio when working in a large hospital. As an OT, I’m always concerned about safety, falls and the impact clutter has on a person’s independence. Clutter affects one’s mind as well as the physical environment, so it is important to address both. I really wanted to help these people above and beyond what my hospital role allowed me to. I attended a one-day course run by Angela and this inspired me to create my business.


As an OT, what OT skills are you using in your organising?

Most of my clients have multiple medical issues, physical and mental health, which makes me acutely aware of their levels of endurance and energy. By helping my clients declutter and find a home for their items, they expend less energy and gain valuable time for things they enjoy vs spending time looking for lost items or simply giving up.


What has led to your success as an organiser?

I generally like to keep things simple and honest. I like to upcycle and recycle and donate to charities as much as I can. My clients tend to respond positively to this. This facilitates the decluttering process knowing their items are going to a good home. I would like to think that my clients’ homes are safer and facilitate independence once the job is done.


What is one habit that helps your life run smoothly?

I’ve always kept a diary and I love to write lists. These keep me on track, keep me focussed and the simple joy of crossing off items as I go gives me the feeling of achievement. Having good habits like these make my daily routines flow smoothly and ensures all necessary tasks are completed, often ensuring I have valuable “me” time each day.


What advice would you give someone just starting out as an organiser?

Starting out was daunting and to be honest, I was very nervous, but having a supportive family and the support of fellow organisers, like Angela and Wendy, made the journey easier. Knowing that there is a great support network to call upon to answer any questions or give advice, makes it all worthwhile. Like all private businesses, there will be ups and downs but enjoy the ride!


And finally, what’s one thing people may not know about you?

I love to do adrenalin type activities. I love roller coasters and have been sky diving, bungy jumping, white water rafting, dam surfing and caving, but I draw the line at SHARKS. However, my (now) husband bought me a shark dive for my birthday one year. I did it to prove to him that I could but was TERRIFIED the entire time and will NEVER do it again. I would happily jump out of a plane anytime!


Thanks Rachael, for sharing your wisdom. Your experience as an occupational therapist is invaluable to your clients. I think we organisers can learn a lot from you.





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