Let’s talk about self-care for organisers. October’s Quick Question Survey asked…

How do you wind down after working with a client?

As always thanks to the many organisers who offered up their wind down routines and self-care tips. They are insightful and hopefully inspire others – organisers and non-organisers alike – to practice good self-care.


Self-Care for Organisers


Many respondents like to get out in the fresh air for exercise, a walk or swim after a client session. Karen Stone from Clutter Free Living does all three. She said, “We need to give so much mentally and physically that we need to keep our mental and physical health in tip top shape.” That sentiment was echoed by many.

Tracey Warren from Professional Organising Solutions doesn’t wait to get home to start the winding down process. She listens to her favourite music on the drive home. She said, “It also helps to have someone I trust to debrief with.”

Sandra Pankhurst, subject of the book, The Trauma Cleaner, and now sadly passed away, would never bring her work back into her home. She would park her car in the garage and strip off her work clothes before coming into the house and showering to wash away the results of her stressful and often dirty work.

Like Sandra, Nella Santisi from Clutter Bird also showers as part of her routine. She adds eating and resting as well, and says, “Setting healthy boundaries on the job and creating nurturing and nourishing practices after the job is very important to sustain mental, emotional and physical well-being so that we can offer our ‘best selves’.”

Roxanne Walker from The Space Specialist said, ”I have a shower, put on something comfy and either go out and get some fresh air and exercise or settle down with a good book and then cook something yummy for dinner.” In response to the question, what else should organisers know about self-care? Roxanne said, “Make self-care a part of your routine so it happens regularly. Framing it as a treat or something special might mean we put it off until we are in the mood or until we do enough to deserve it.” I totally agree.

Narelle King from Simply Happy said, “It’s so important to fill your own cup to be able to support and guide others.” And she keen to talk about yin & Nidra yoga and the benefits of both practices. Get in touch with her to find out more.

Karen White from The Sorting Angel winds down with cross stitch, wordsearch puzzles and a debrief with her husband. She advises, “to be careful not to overschedule time with clients, to stick to clear boundaries.”

Chantal Imbach from Photos in Order shared, “I’m someone who dives in and because I love what I do I forget to take breaks or work too long. Having an end-of-the day walk helps me to call it a day and to get into ‘family mode’. Also using a timer that reminds me to have a break after 25 minutes helps. Not only for self-care but to work more focussed. Having enough sleep is also really important for me and I’m better at work when I’m rested.”

Amy Kennedy from The Organising Bee likes to sit in quiet for a while and reflect on the day, often with a hot coffee. She said, “Looking after your body is essential. We do a lot of physical work it’s not something that you can do long term if you don’t follow good WH&S practices. I also enjoy do regular exercise to stretch my body and enjoy Pilates. I also find it important to remove myself from the client’s situation and not to take on our clients’ troubles and anxieties.

Leesa Kotis from The Clutter Bug shared, “If it has been a short session working with a client, I usually come home quite buzzed, so I don’t really wind down until after dinner with a cup of tea and some TV with my husband.  It is my favourite time of the day.  If it has been a huge day and I come home physically exhausted I crash on the couch and hope the other humans in the house will look after everything.”

Nathalie Ricaud from Get Organised & Beyond relies on meditation, which can turn into a nap if the session has been demanding. She also said, “Professional organising is demanding both physically and mentally. It’s important to block time in our schedules to look after both aspects.”

A few respondents include work, like invoicing and report writing, in their winding down routine. Kristina Duke from Decluttering Diva likes to “read a book, watch some TV, go for a walk, write up my summary notes of the session to help me debrief in my head, talk with a friend.”

How do you wind down and take care of yourself and your energy?


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