Virtual Organising Consultations

A lot of professional organisers have asked me about virtual organising consultations lately. As lockdown restrictions continue to come into and out of our lives, effective virtual consultations are a useful tool worth exploring. They can

  • help an “in person” client to stay engaged in the decluttering and organising process until you can visit their home again,
  • help a client get started when they are in that sweet spot of readiness, without waiting for lockdown to end,
  • keep someone who hoards safe in their homes until further intervention is possible,
  • help clients in remote locations get the organising assistance they need, anytime,
  • be a budget-friendly option for clients, and
  • keep cash flowing into an organising business during tough times.

I know a lot of organisers are curious about how virtual organising consultations actually work, and whether they can be effective. So, to give you an idea of what you can expect, here’s what this week of virtual organising consultations brought for me and my clients.

I’ve conducted consults via phone, Zoom and FaceTime. I find the phone the most difficult because of the lack of visual clues. I personally find it more effective when I can see the client’s face and body language, as well as their space.

With Zoom or FaceTime, or any other visual contact, you also get to see more unexpected things. In one consult a beautiful black Labrador showed me his wagging tail and then his rear end. In another consult this week I had a lovely view of a wise cat watching her “Mama’s” every move and appearing to approve of the decisions made.

As well as unexpected connections with pets, there were the usual expected phrases heard from happy clients. I swear I hear these said in every single in person and virtual organising consultation.

“I’ve been looking for that!” and “Oh look I found some money!”

Yes, many lost things were found and that includes cash.

As well as finding pleasant surprises, this week’s consults included

  • preparing donations for delivery to the op shop once it opens again,
  • putting those donations in a safe place out of the way, so they don’t become a tripping hazard by the front door,
  • gathering art supplies from all around the house and putting them in one place, ready for an art therapy session next week,
  • many good decisions made about what to keep, what to get rid of, and who to pass things on to,
  • emptying “junk” drawers,
  • assigning tasks for during the week, in between sessions,
  • creating plans for next week’s consults.

Many of my clients need reminders of our upcoming consultations, some on the day before and some on the morning of. When I sent a message this morning, I received a lovely reply right away. You can see from the screenshot what my client thinks of our sessions. It’s a lovely thing when you can help someone and know you made an impact.

If you’re an organiser who wants to know more about virtual consulting, take a look at The Professional Organiser’s Edge membership. There are four classes in the library of resources that will give you confidence and strategies to try this style of working with clients.

If you’re someone who wants to get organised, speak to me about whether it’s right for you.


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