Census Occupation Survey ResultsLast month I posed the quick question,

With the Australian Census taking place this month, what will you declare as your occupation?

I’m please to bring you this survey summary. Organisers use many different terms to describe their services in a marketing sense, including personal organiser, professional organiser, declutter coach, organising specialist, etc. However, there is value in a united approach when it comes to the legal matter of recording an occupation for purposes of tax.

The respondents to the survey overwhelmingly agree, with 92% stating that they would declare “professional organiser” as their occupation on the census form.

Most gave the reason for this choice as a desire for the organising industry to be recognised, and in particular, by the Australian Taxation Office. That was one theme that came through strongly in the survey responses.

Leesa Kotis from The Clutter Bug said, “With the continual growth and awareness of our industry, and the impact our services have on clients from all walks of life and socio-economic groups, in their physical space as well as their psychological wellbeing, I think a specific listing is deserved. What we provide is a very specific and targeted service, but we wear many, many hats.”

Perhaps it is these many hats that is the cause of another theme that emerged. Some respondents feel our industry still has a long way to go, that it is misunderstood, and often confused with, for example, event organisers. Hence the need to use more descriptive terms when marketing our services.

On a happier note, some respondents were proud to be declaring the occupation for the first time. Congratulations to those who joined the industry since the last census.

While the results of this Quick Question Survey are encouraging and point to potential recognition by the ATO, and more clarity around the appropriate ANZSIC code, we have a while to wait for the news. Results of that data will be released in October 2022. Learn more here.

Not sure what an ANZSIC code is? Read this.

I wrote this related article in 2013. What could have changed? : What’s in a Name?


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