When you’re getting rid of something because you don’t need it, use it or love it, it feels great if you can let it go to someone who will need it, use it or love it.

As a professional organiser, I’ve seen it time and again with my clients.

There was the stay-at-home mum with the bulging wardrobe who was undecided about letting go of some old no-longer-necessary corporate wear. Once I told her about Ready Set (matching jobseekers with interview-appropriate clothing), she was eager to donate her old suits. Her wardrobe was leaner and she didn’t have to battle the corporate suits to get to her jeans.

There was the couple whose home office was jam-packed with baby gear their family had outgrown and was not planning to use again. But they’d paid good money for those things and were conflicted about getting rid of it. Once I told them about St Kilda Mums (redistributing essential nursery equipment to families in need), they quickly decided to let it go and do some good. The home office became a hub for household admin and homework instead of a storage facility.

And there was the keen reader with multiple sclerosis whose stash of books had spilled over into piles on the floor, creating a safety hazard. MS had started to affect her vision, making large print format books necessary. You might assume that it was easy to relinquish any books without large print. Not so. Those small print books represented a time when reading was easy. They reminded her of good times snuggling in bed with her now-deceased dog. On hearing that the local Rotary Club sold books to fund their charitable mission, the decision came easily. A few favourites were selected to stay as a reminder of better days. The rest went to the Rotary Club and her home was safer.

Let it goThe reasons that people hold on to things they don’t need, use or love are numerous. When we can give them a reason to let it go on to someone who will need, use or love them, it’s a game changer.

What are your favourite places to let go to?


I’ve created a handy list of places to donate goods from baby supplies to technology. Want to get your hands on it? Just email me and I’ll send it to you.

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