Do you love to help people? I do, but something’s got to change.

A while ago I wrote about the changes happening at Creating Order from Chaos. I wrote about my tendency to overload my to do list. I wrote about the need to stop doing some things in my business. And I wrote about what I will be doing, and it’s still a long list. You can read that here.

The necessary changes are all about how I choose to spend my time. Seriously, where does time go? When I started my organising business back in 2005, I wasn’t a grandmother yet. Now I have a 12-year-old granddaughter and a new 8-week-old granddaughter who’s just started rolling over. How did that happen so fast?

When I started my business, organising in Australia was in its infancy. Now it’s a thriving industry, helping people from all walks of life achieve all kinds of goals, from living at home safely to reorganising a business filing system, from finding lost jewellery to turning a shambolic kitchen into an efficient little hub of the family home.

At the heart of what I love about being an organiser is helping people. I love to help them create a place of honour for their loved ones’ ashes. I love to help them find money, save money and make money by making good decluttering decisions. I love to help them create a little piece of order in a chaotic world. I love to help them lug bags and boxes to the kerb for a hard rubbish collection. I love to help them find a perfect safe spot to keep their medications, their tax records, or their school memorabilia. I get excited just thinking about it. Even after all these years, it still makes me smile.

But there’s something I love more. It still relates to helping people. I love to help people become organisers. I love to help them create a business and a career that they love as much as I love mine. I love to help them find a niche, find a business name, find an insurance broker, find their first client.

That’s where my heart is taking me now. After many years of working 1:1 in people’s homes, I’m now working one to many, to help so many more people experience an organised life by way of the incredible professional organisers I train and mentor.

So you will see some changes on my website in the coming months. They are simply bringing my to do list and my available time into alignment with my personal and business goals.

I want to hear about what you love to do.

Love to help


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