Double Your Success RateIf you judge success by the number of successful actions completed, boy do I have a tip for you!

You can amplify your success rate, your KPIs, your completion stats, the ticks on your to do list by doing this one simple thing.

Allow time for Action.

It’s as simple as that.

Immediately after a coaching or mentoring session, allow time in your calendar for completing the tasks you’ve decided on.

After making a solemn promise to someone that you’ll do something – whether it’s to bake a cake for the school fundraiser, or pick up something on your way home, or go for a 5km run – allow time in your calendar for that task to take place.

After adding something to your to do list, allow time in your calendar… You get the drift.

Before declaring, “I wish I could find time for…”, allow time in your calendar to make the most important things in life count.

Seriously, this is the thing that will turn a “To Do” into a “Done”. There is no magic fairy dust or productivity hack that compares with simply allowing time.

And while you’re at it, allow twice as much time as you think it will take. As you become more proficient at estimating time, you can adjust up or down. For now, give yourself the wonderful luxury of time.

As you start to see your success rate multiply just from this simple act, it will become a lifelong habit. Before you commit to doing “one more thing”, you will first check your calendar to see if there is actually time for that “one more thing”.

And that’s when the other wonderful tool comes in handy. It’s the word, “No”. Saying “No” to things that clutter up your calendar is Powerful. But that’s a subject for another day.


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