My Label Maker“What label maker do you use?” That is one of the frequently asked questions from clients and organisers alike. After years of good service, I recently had to replace my trusty old one. In my research to find the perfect replacement, I considered many things, from functionality to price. I’m happy with the one I chose, although it’s not perfect. Given my checklist of requirements, I decided on the Dymo LabelManager Portable Label Maker 160P. Mine is black but it also comes in blue and pink.

My first label maker, over 15 years ago, was a Brother P-Touch. Then I was gifted one by Dymo to mark the first National Organising Week that they were involved with. This new machine is the second replacement since then and I’ve stuck with Dymo for two reasons.

  1. I always had Dymo label tapes leftover. It felt wrong to not use them up. And Dymo label tape is slightly cheaper by the metre to buy.
  2. They’ve been reliable machines and when I’m on a good thing I stick to it.

Some of the other reasons I chose this one:

I like a QWERTY keyboard. As a touch typist I find it much easier to locate letters this way. If that’s not you, you might prefer the Dymo LetraTag. My previous label maker had an ABCD keyboard layout and it drove me nuts. I was forever wasting time (granted milliseconds) searching for the correct letter and getting frustrated.

I wanted a handheld label maker. There are some sexy desktop models but I need mine to go with me everywhere. I rarely need a label when I’m at my desk, but in the garage, kitchen, wardrobe, definitely.

I would have liked a rechargeable model. That (Dymo LabelManager 420P) would have cost five times the price and it has an ABCD keyboard, so for $38.27 I settled on the 160P, which operates off batteries or power.

The Lesson

Like most things in life there is no such thing as the perfect label maker. There is a “good enough” label maker where price and functionality. The concept of “good enough”, rather than perfection, aligns with my organising philosophy.

And speaking of organising, remember that labels and label makers do not create organised spaces. Systems and habits do. The label merely helps to reinforce the systems and habits.

Which label maker do you use?


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