How to get an organised wardrobeLet’s face it.  We’ve all been there… a wardrobe full of clothes, but “nothing to wear”.  It’s a common lament, and it often comes about because we can’t clearly see what we actually do have.  Thankfully, it’s a problem that is relatively easy to fix.

Some common wardrobe problems include
  • too many clothes crammed in
  • clothes not sorted into categories
  • other “non wardrobe” things taking up space where your clothes should be
  • and obviously, not enough space for all the clothes you have

Got 10 minutes?

In just a short time, you can make a difference.  Turn all your hangers the “wrong” way.  This simple action will help you make good decluttering choices.  You will see which clothes have earned their place in your wardrobe, and which clothes have earned a chance to move on.  I turn my own hangers the “wrong” way regularly, at the start of each year.  As items are worn I return them on their hangers the “right” way.  Over time, it becomes very obvious which clothes are being worn and which are not.  You can use that information to make good choices about what to keep and what to send on its way.

Got an hour or two?

Fabulous.  You have time to take stock and categorise while you are turning those hangers.  As you handle each item, take note and ask questions.

  • Does it fit?
  • Is it still in fashion?
  • Does it need repair? And if so, are you willing to repair it yourself, or will you pay to have it done?
  • Do I like to wear it?
  • Is it comfortable?

That’s the taking stock part.  As you ask these questions, it may become obvious which clothes have earned their place and which have earned a ticket out.  Keep developing a critical eye.

Now for the categorising part.  You get to choose the categories that work for you.  Possibilities include:

  • Skirts
  • Pants
  • Shirts/Blouses
  • Evening wear
  • Gym gear
  • Work outfits

Scarves in an organised wardrobeAs I said, you get to choose.  Personally, I have a category of my own organised wardrobe dedicated to scarves.  The important thing to remember is that keeping clothes in categories makes them more visible, easier to find and lets you clearly see how much you have.  Once you have your categories set up, it will be easier to return them to their right place too.

An organised wardrobe helps with shopping – you will know where the “gaps” are in your wardrobe, and what you have too much of already – and with the laundry routine.  If you like, you can take it even a step further, by sorting your clothes within their categories by colour.

Got all day?

Wonderful.  If you have more time, roll up your sleeves and clear out the whole space.  You may be surprised by what’s hiding in there.  While decluttering clients’ wardrobes, I have found long lost shoes (both singles and pairs), money (Yay!), bugs (Ewww!), forgotten gifts, empty boxes, and lots and lots and LOTS of unused hangers.

Here’s a bonus tip: those empty hangers take up space.  Move them out and make way for your clothes instead.  And while you’re at it, get rid of any poor quality or damaged hangers. You’ve invested good money in your clothes.  Don’t let a cheap hanger undermine your investment.

Once the space is cleared out, give it a good clean to get rid of dust, bugs, cobwebs etc.  Look for any maintenance issues to be addressed.  Be clear about what this space is for and be selective about what you invite back into the space.

There are many clever storage solutions out there to maximise your space.  Just keep in mind, the goal is to have visibility and access.  And wherever possible, keep it simple.

Finally, an organised wardrobe starts long before your clothes even get to the wardrobe.  It starts with the choices you make while you’re out shopping.

Know what you need.

Be smart about “this goes with that”, just like the old Sussan store ad.  Multipurpose is a good key word to remember.

Notice when you’re using clothes shopping as a form of therapy, and review that choice.

And keep in mind the One In, One Out rule.




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