I am getting a personal lesson on what being “organised enough” is all about.

It’s cold at my house!  Really cold.  After 20 years of good service, our ducted heating has given up, right at the coldest part of winter.  Isn’t that always the way?I wish it was this toasty warm at my house, but it's not!

Getting it fixed has really been a lesson in patience, creativity and believe it or not, gratitude.  I’ve had to be patient while the new unit was ordered and installed and I’m still being patient as there are a couple more steps to go through.

I’ve had to be creative about how to stay warm.  Thanks to my friend for lending me a portable heater!  I take it with me around the house.  I’ve had to be creative about organising my wardrobe.  The ceiling in the walk-in robe is gone while they install the new unit.  The contents of the wardrobe are stashed in other parts of my small home.  The bathtub is filled with suitcases.  The bathroom holds my husband’s shirts and the guest bed is home to my clothes.

And I am practicing gratitude whenever I can because a positive mindset will help me cope better when my fingers are freezing.  I’m grateful for the resources to get this problem solved.  I’m grateful for being able to go out and get warm.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to review my wardrobe before I put everything back (the plasterer builds a new ceiling tomorrow).

All in all, I’m grateful for being organised enough that when disaster strikes, I have the systems and resources to cope well.

I am currently reading a book by Amanda Sullivan, called Organised Enough.  I’ll let you know what I think when I’m done.  I like the subtitle, “the anti-perfectionist’s guide to getting and staying organised”.


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