Our mini declutter challenge is really ramping up today with challenge #6.  But don’t worry.  Even though it’s a bit tougher, it is still designed to be quick and easy.  Take a deep breath and ….

Go to your Outdoor Storage.

Today we’re looking at the shed or garage.  At my place it’s a teeny tiny storage cage we call the “man cave”.  Perhaps you have a “lady lair”, “she zone” or “ma’am cave”.  It’s that place outside of the house where you store tools, seasonal decorations, sports equipment, UFOs (unfinished objects), boxes, bags of “I might need it some day” or other mystery items.

I bet much of that stuff is useful.  But not all of it.  Some of it will just be delayed decisions.  And delayed decisions lead to clutter.

Find 3 items of clutter. Declutter those.  (Remember that clutter is anything you don’t use, need or love.)

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