On we march with the mini declutter challenge.  So far we’ve covered the wardrobe, the linen press and the reading pile.

Now it’s time to get spicy.  I couldn’t resist sharing this photo from my recent trip to Istanbul, where the Spice Market was one of my favourite places.

Istanbul’s Spice Market

Go to your Herbs and Spices.

Whenever I declutter a client’s pantry, we agree on a rule right from the start that anything past it’s Use By date gets ditched right away.  Herbs and spices are at their best when they are fresh.  Unfortunately their freshness doesn’t last long.  So I promise this challenge will be easy.

Go through all your herbs and spices and find any that are past their Use By date.  Declutter those.

As you throw any away, ask yourself whether you need to replace it with a fresh jar.  Add that to your shopping list.

See?  I told you this one was easy.





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