Happy National Organising Week!  NOW is a great time to get organised.  Because NOW stands for National Organising Week.  And it starts today, March 6th, 2017.

When it comes to getting organised, there is no better time than NOW.

To celebrate National Organising Week, and to encourage you to take action NOW, I’m sharing a mini declutter challenge.  Each day this week I’ll post a specific challenge and suggestions to help you out.  Each challenge will be short and easy, and designed to kickstart your action.  You can always launch into a bigger project if you feel inspired and energetic.

Are you ready for the first challenge?

Go to your Wardrobe.

Find 5 items you don’t use, need or love.  Declutter those.

Too hard?  Take a good look.  There must be something you haven’t worn in ages.  Maybe it doesn’t fit, or it’s out of style or you just never liked it.  It could be anything – a coat, shirt, shoes or a belt.  Yes, jewellery counts too.

Wondering what do you do with those 5 things?  I’m here to help.

Is it still wearable?  Please consider donating your wardrobe items to a worthy cause.

Is it just a little worn?  Children love to play dressup, either at home or in childcare.  Your donation will create smiles.

Is it too far gone?  Just bin it.  It doesn’t owe you a thing.

I’d love to hear about how your declutter challenge went.  Drop me a line on Facebook or send an email.

Good luck with today’s challenge, and with all the ones to come this week!



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