So we’re one week down in 2017.  Statistically, a good many resolutions have already fallen by the wayside.  Hang in there.  Don’t become a statistic.

Whether you call them resolutions, goals, a “New You” or you have simply declared a theme for the year, there will come a time for most of us that challenges that New Year declaration.  It’s the morning you just can’t drag yourself out of bed to exercise, or the temptation you couldn’t resist, or that thing you spent money on and now regret.

“Failure” is inevitable.  In fact, I’ll go as far as to say, “failure” is a good thing, even necessary.  I’ll also state that you only really fail if you fail to learn something.

Every single experience in our lives has something to teach us.  If we pay attention, we can use these lessons from life to our advantage.

So you ate something that isn’t part of your new lifestyle.  Instead of beating yourself up, throwing in the towel, and crying, “I”ll never change my life!”, take a step back.  Look at what actually happened.  What feelings led to this?  What actions could you have taken differently?  Is this new lifestyle worth pursuing?  Your answers can help you move forward.

Maybe you said “This year I’m going to be organised.  This year I’m going to try bullet journalling”, and then you forgot one day and the next day got missed as well.  Don’t give up just yet.  It’s a new habit you’re trying to master.  No new habit ever slots into our lives without a little adjustment period.  What did you learn?  Did you learn that you need to allow extra time while you learn the bullet journalling ropes?  Did you learn that the system you were following was too complicated for a beginner?  Assess and move on.

If your New Year declaration is worth you making, it’s worth giving it the attention it deserves.  And by the way, don’t you deserve the best as well?

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