There are little clues to the wonder of life everywhere.  On our walks through the rainforest here on holidays, there have been opportunities to watch nature in action.  And it is wonderful.

First there were the 2 Ulysses butterflies playing chasey, and then there was the Lace Monitor lizard we saw scurry up a tree.  It got just half way up the trunk before 3 birds had it surrounded.  They dive-bombed that lizard in turns, perhaps to protect a nest at the top of the tree.  The lizard’s body stayed perfectly still.  But its head worked hard ducking while the birds were diving.

And then there’s the peaceful roll of the waves and the cooling breezes at the beach.  Perfect.


What are you grateful for?  I encourage you to share your thoughts, whether that’s here on the blog, on the Facebook page, with your friends and family, or privately in your own gratitude journal.


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