Quite often, as I load my dirty laundry into my modern front-loading washing machine, with its detergent dispensers, electronic programming and many options, I hear my mother’s voice from 50 years ago.  I hear her praising her washing machine.  Back then it was a round green wringer.  By today’s standards it was a dinosaur.  But she was grateful for not having to take her washing to the river and beat a rock.

Could it be that’s where I learned to be grateful for small everyday things?  My mother was a hard working woman, who ran her household and managed an office full time as well.  She put home-cooked meals on the table, kept up with all the housework (my Dad pitched in later in their marriage), maintained social networks locally and family relationships from across the world.  She demonstrated good judgement and did the best she could raising me.  So much of what I do every day, my mother taught me.  I am grateful for those lessons from my mother.  I am grateful for the time she chased a young thief through a paddock, a creek and up a hill in her slippers to seek justice on my behalf.  And for the time she scolded me at my own birthday party for acting like a spoiled brat (because I was).  I’m thankful for the time we baked Christmas biscuits together every year, especially because it also taught me not to sweat the small stuff.  And for the support she gave me as a young mother learning the ropes.  Thanks Mum.


What makes you feel good?  I encourage you to share your gratitude as well, whether that’s here on the blog, on the Facebook page, with your friends and family, or privately in your own gratitude journal.


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