It’s National Organising Week – NOW.  Time for a challenge, I reckon.
Go to your Wardrobe.
Find 5 items you don’t use, need or love.  Declutter those.
Too hard?  Take a good look.  There must be something you haven’t worn in ages.  Maybe it doesn’t fit, or it’s out of style or you just never liked it.  It could be anything – a coat, shirt, shoes or a belt.  Yes, jewellery counts too.
Now what do you do with those 5 things?
Still wearable?  Please consider donating your wardrobe items to a worthy cause.
A little worn?  Children love to play dressup, either at home or in childcare.  Your donation will create smiles.
Too far gone?  Just bin it.  It doesn’t owe you a thing.
Declutter your wardrobe
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