I am not a fan of the glorification of “busy”.  Yes, there’s a lot to do, but mostly just because I choose to.  Most days I am overly ambitious about what I can achieve.  And that’s ok.  I get lots done and I’m happy my bulging To Do List will always motivate me.  “Busy” is not a badge of honour to me.  I enjoy my life of challenges, along with its ups and downs.  Perhaps it’s because I have a few organising tools always at the ready.

My #1 organising tool is my To Do List.  This list keeps me motivated and is a true reflection of my goals and priorities.  When you have your goals and priorities sorted it’s easier to keep your life in order too.

Coming up close behind at #2 is my Calendar.  These days I use an electronic calendar that synchs with my phone.  I always know what my commitments are because I diarise them.  It stops things from falling through the cracks.

My #3 organising tool is a little less tangible and not generally known for its fantastic organising powers.  Good communication is so important for my daily success.  It’s what helps me run my business smoothly.  It helps me reach out and ask for help or advice when I need to.  It keeps me and my family, my friends and my staff on the same page.  And most importantly, it helps me say No in a compassionate but firm way so that I don’t overcommit.

What are your favourite organising tools?



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