Just over 3 years ago my husband and I downsized our home.  We went from a 4-bedroom + study + 2 living spaces + 2-car garage + 2 sheds + swimming pool family home in the suburbs to a 2-bedroom inner-city apartment.  With our children out of the nest, it’s a move we were itching to make.  And we haven’t regretted a moment.  We had 15 great years in that house, building it into a home that worked really well for our family.  But the time came when we no longer needed so much space.  We had dreams for a different kind of life, and we found our perfect little home.  And believe me, it is little.

There are challenges.  We make conscious decisions about the things that we bring into our home… but we don’t feel a lack.  We can’t host a party for 100 like we used to… but we did throw a big party for my birthday at another venue.  And we don’t have a dedicated room for a home office any more… but we do have a guest room with space enough to run my business, our household accounts and our many volunteer committee roles.

When people see my new “office”, they are often amazed.  As you can see from the photo below, the World Headquarters of Creating Order from Chaos consists of a single small desk, one cupboard and a few shelves.  And it’s more than enough.

I have all I need at my fingertips.  Choosing to store only what’s needed and keeping electronic records means there is much more room for guests in our combined guest room/office.




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