I’m often asked to help with household filing.  It can be scary to make decisions on important papers.  What if you get it wrong??

Remember that good filing is about retrieval, not tucking away.

Tip #1:  One Health file per person.  This is not where you keep health insurance records though, just the health stuff – test results, etc.  If there are multiple health issues which create a huge file, break it down into smaller files that make sense.  If you run out of space, how can you make space?  Could you archive records of a past surgery which has no recurring issues?

Tip #2:  One Legal file per person.  Keep your will, divorce papers, passports, visas, speeding fines, etc. there.  What not to keep there = genealogy records.  They go some place else.  This file is for current relevant legal records only.

Tip #3:  One file per investment/bank account.  Whether it’s a cheque account, term deposit, rental property or share portfolio, one file each.  Lottery tickets are not an investment 🙂  They don’t get a file.  But you might like to have a secure place to keep them.

Tip #4:  One file per vehicle.  That’s where you keep the service records, insurance records (including past claims) and registration records.  If you have a boat, caravan or plane, one file for each of those too.

Tip #5:  One file per property you own or occupy.  Rental agreements, house plans, maintenance records, paint colours, even spare keys can all go there.


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  1. Sheila 3 years ago

    Love this paper elimination system. Thanks

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