The Christmas File has come of age. Way back I wrote a blog post about keeping a Christmas File. You can read that post here.

It’s still a great idea – a place to keep all your good recipes, instructions for the things you’d like to try, etc. The great news is that technology has now made it even easier to do, and to access those Christmassy ideas.

Here are just some of the ways to reboot your Christmas file.

  • Use Dropbox or similar cloud storage for storing your ideas. The good thing is you can use Dropbox for sharing or collaborating.
  • Use Search Engines. Now you don’t even have to keep a file. Everything you ever wanted to know or access is available through search engines – Google or YouTube are some of my favourites.  There’s a how-to video or image or FAQ out there for everyone.
  • Pinterest is my current all-time favourite.  You can use it as a search engine and bring up infinite results for any recipe, gift idea or decoration you can think of. And there is always a picture – that’s how Pinterest works. But even better, you can capture the best ideas on your own board. Go ahead and pin Christmas ideas all year and find them when you need them. Take a look at my own Christmas Pinterest board here.



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