I was asked a question today.  It’s a frequently asked question I hear often from the Professional Organisers I mentor and train.  The question was…

Why don’t you have Before & After photos on your website?

In a nutshell, here is my answer…

I have a very strong personal view about before and after photos on my website.  I know that some other Professional Organisers have a different view.

I do not like before and after photos in marketing.  Here are the reasons why…

  • I don’t ever want my clients to think their home could be featured in my marketing.  I believe it’s a breach of their privacy.
  • Even if I had someone’s permission to use photos, my potential clients may get the impression I may ask for that same permission.
  • Finally, I don’t believe before and after photos adequately convey, in a marketing sense, the enormous transformation that occurs for a client.  A tidied pantry or wardrobe, or even a whole house may be temporary.  The improved marriage, peace of mind or financial freedom a client feels is lasting and has more impact.  And those things cannot be conveyed in a photo.

I do, however, believe in before and after photos.  But for the client’s eyes only.  They help a client see and then celebrate their success, and that is a very important part of the organising journey.

– by Angela Esnouf




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