It goes without saying, I hope, that I love what I do.  I love to help people make a big difference in their lives.  For many people that means I help them get organised.  For others it means I help them reach their goals to be the best Professional Organiser they can be.  I am so thankful for the privilege of training and mentoring new and experienced Organisers.  So when I receive a testimonial to say thanks I feel supremely grateful.

Thank you to Vicki Koutroubas, owner of Your Personal Organiser, for these kind words…

Thank you so much Angela for being my mentor, I greatly appreciate the quality of information you provided me with throughout our sessions.  You are a professional and trustworthy person who gives their best at all times and I have since learnt you have a very good reputation in the AAPO Community.  You provide a unique service to Professional Organisers and I would highly recommend you as a Mentor along with your Professional Organisers Edge and Declutter Club.  I feel more confident, more motivated, my outlook has broadened and my knowledge is deeper because of you.  You were able to answer all of my questions with solid answers.  I also have to thank the AAPO Executive Committee Member who referred you.  I am very happy I took on their advice.  A referral from someone you trust is very powerful.  I look forward to reaping the rewards of your advice in the future.  You are a true lady Angela.


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