Mornings can be rough, especially if

  • you haven’t had enough sleep
  • things you need for the day ahead aren’t ready
  • there are lots of people with lots of needs at your house
  • or there are lots of people heading to different locations

But mornings can be easier if you a) keep things simple, b) have a routine that works and c) start preparations the night before.

So what morning tasks could you simplify or eliminate altogether?  Here are some suggestions…

  • no  more elaborate makeup routines or fancy hairstyles
  • reduce ironing by buying easy-maintenance clothes
  • say hello to grab-and-go breakfast and lunch options – trail mix, frozen muffins, instant or tinned soup, fruit

What about a new routine?  Try…

  • making everyone responsible for their own punctuality (see 7 Secrets to Arriving on Time)
  • a chart showing who needs to go where and what they need to pack
  • setting the alarm 15 minutes earlier to take the heat off

Start the night before by…

  • cleaning the dishes and the kitchen so you start fresh
  • preparing lunches
  • getting plenty of sleep



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