Have you been watching The Block All Stars?  I must admit I enjoy this show and always learn a little something from it, even if it’s what not to do.

This week’s lesson for me has been about making decisions.  One of the contestants, Dani, has been having trouble deciding on a kitchen design.  All the contestants have access to a consultant to help with the design.  All the  4 contestant couples have complicated chimney stacks to work around and most of them had one or two meetings with the experienced consultant to nail down the final design with a deadline looming.  But not Dani.

Nooo. With other deadlines looming, as well as sanding, painting, shopping and planning to do, Dani met with the kitchen design consultants several times, with 27 – yes 27! – different designs. And she still wasn’t completely happy.

It highlighted to me the importance of being confident in your decisions, and then moving on. Not only did Dani’s indecision cost her time, it cost her peace of mind.



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