Having worked in kindergartens in a past life, I never have to buy soap again as long as I live. I received enough sweet-smelling gift packs, soaps and bubble bath to last me a lifetime. I’m not complaining, this is a good thing. I know each gift was given with love and received with gratitude.

Giving teacher an end of year thank you gift is long-standing tradition which children, parents and teachers honour and appreciate. But let’s face it, some gifts work better than others.

So in case you are still looking for the “perfect” gift for teacher (or want some ideas for next year), here are some winners

  • food – if it’s something to share, it makes life easier and if it’s something just for teacher, they are a welcome treat
  • pampering voucher – whether it’s a 5-minute neck massage or full facial, teachers will always appreciate some special pampering
  • a library dedication – how about buying a book for the school library and dedicating it to the teacher? That’s a lasting legacy
  • a handmade (by the child) bookmark

One year when I worked in a kindergarten, the parents pitched in together and bought a single gift for each teacher. It was a lovely piece of jewellery. What a treat!

And if you’re watching the budget, or especially keen to give clutter-free, here’s what one teacher told me when asked what her favourite kind of gift was. She preferred a heartfelt message in a card, telling something special about the child’s experience that year. In other words, all she wanted to hear was “Thank you”.

So take a tip about teachers end of year gifts. If you’re stuck for ideas, just say Thanks.

or not 😉


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