Are you one of those people who uses Christmas as an opportunity to tell those you care about that they are thought of?

Or are you one of those people who feel obliged to exchange Christmas cards because that’s what you’ve always done and that’s just the way it is… and you secretly wish you didn’t have to, since there are so many things to do and you just don’t have time and besides it costs a heap of money on stamps and cards that get thrown out in January anyway?  (phew!)

Or are you one of those people who has declared to friends that you don’t do cards and would much rather greet them in person or via phone?

No matter which person you are right now, which one would you like to be???  Whatever you decide to do about Christmas cards will be the right decision.

Make it easy on yourself by

  1. decluttering your Christmas card list and only send to those you  have or want to have a real connection with
  2. keeping it simple – no need to give cards to people you’ll greet in person.  A hug and a smile say so much more
  3. sending virtual cards or using an online service to create real cards

or not 😉


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