O Tannenbaum,O Tannenbaum!  With a German mother, I grew up hearing the lyrics of this Christmas carol and always with a beautiful real Christmas tree.  I must say I love the smell of a fresh tree and can put up with the needles dropping and the tree leaning imperfectly just to have that lovely scent.  And we’ve always had one…

…till now.  This year we celebrate our first Christmas in our little apartment and there just isn’t room for a full sized tree.  So we’re looking at other ideas.  We could go for a small living tree in a pot on the balcony or a small fibre optic tree inside.  Those are our 2 favoured options at the moment.

Other ideas I’ve seen work are

  • branches, either bare or with needles, in a vase
  • a poster tree made up of handprints
  • decorating a tree in the garden
  • table centrepiece tree

Have you seen other space-efficient Christmas trees?  What do you do at your house?

Will you consider saving space with an out-of-the-ordinary tree?

or not? 😉




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