When I was small my mother worked very hard at Christmas.  She wanted to make it “perfect”.  “Perfect” included homemade biscuits in many varieties.

Achieving that perfection nearly drove my mother mad every Christmas, and has left me with some unhappy memories.  She would get so stressed about making biscuits, as well as doing the many other things that made Christmas “perfect” and of course her full time job, that she would often lose her temper and we’d all be miserable with perfect biscuits instead of happy with imperfect or non-existent biscuits.

Can you relate to the story?  I certainly can.  When I was a young mother, I also stressed and lost my cool over insignificant things like Christmas biscuits.

Ok, so here’s my advice based on past experience.  I see a few options.

  1. Let it go.  Forget about biscuits being perfect or having them at all.
  2. If you choose to go ahead, schedule time for baking, and allow plenty of it.  Prepare a list of ingredients and get them well ahead of time.
  3. Buy biscuits or other Christmas treats from your local bakery, market or supermarket.

or not 😉


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