There are a couple of schools of thought on Christmas gift wrapping.

  1. Set up a gift-wrapping station and wrap as you shop
  2. Wrap in one session after all the shopping’s done

Here are my thoughts on those options.  Both methods have their pros and cons.

The gift-wrapping station gets the gifts ready for giving as you catch up with friends and family but you need free space and the supplies will be out on display.

Wrapping in one session is more time and space efficient but may not work if you have gifts to give in the weeks before Christmas, before the gift shopping is done.

I propose a compromise…

In fact the title of this post may have been misleading.  I propose ditching the wrapping altogether and settle instead for gift bags.  This is so much quicker and the bags are reusable, which means less waste.  Keep a stash of various sized gift bags in one large gift bag.  (Once the tree’s up, you an even put that bag under the tree where it is disguised as another gift.)  Also in that bag keep some ribbon and gift tags, even a fancy pen or some self-adhesive bows if you like.

With this method you’ll have the convenience of being able to “wrap” as you go but with time savings without setting aside valuable space.

Or not 😉


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