Breaking News: I’m human.

Having recently moved into a much smaller home than I have ever lived in before, I have found it a challenge to get the place “perfect”. Well, ok it’s never going to be perfect. There will always be improvements I’d like to make, big and small. But I have felt reluctant to invite friends over to show off my new nest because it just isn’t “ready” yet.

I often tell my clients “You have to break an egg to make an omelette”. In other words, things usually get worse before they get better. You have to make a mess in the short term – sorting, collating, etc. – with things in a state of flux, before the space is organised. So you’d think I’d know to expect this.

But somehow I feel inadequate because my home is often in a state of flux these days. I unpack a box and the contents of that box have to find a home, then the box (or 10) needs to be removed. Then a certain amount of reshuffle occurs as I tweak.

Don’t get me wrong, I can find what I need when I need it. I do not waste time and it’s easy to put things away and retrieve them. I’m organised, the place is organised. It’s just not always as tidy as I’d like. And we all know by now that there’s a big difference between tidy and organised.

So this week there is another state of flux. We bought 2 new pieces of furniture. They are replacements. When you live in a small space you have to make the best use possible of the space you have. It’s worth investing in pieces that will provide storage and function as well as look good to live with for a long time. The old furniture that came with us were a little too big and bulky but did not actually offer enough storage. The new pieces will use the height of the room better and “fit” with the look we’re going for.

The problem is that now we have 2 chunky pieces of furniture sitting around. Normally I’d get it out immediately – sell or donate it – but they are waiting till my son decides if he needs them. When he gets married in 5 weeks, he’ll be moving into a new place with his bride and may welcome our offcasts. Trouble is they have not yet found their own new nest and so cannot commit to a decision. (Ever happened to you?) So meanwhile, we are stuck with imperfection.

I can cope with that. And all right, you can visit ;). But if you do, please understand we are in a state of flux.


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