Many thanks to guest writer, Katrina Nockolds, for writing this book review of her favourite organising book.

My absolute all time favourite organising book is “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui”, by Karen Kingston.

I have a well worn & well loved copy that over the years has helped me through some sticky clutter clearing situations.  It’s the book that I pull out time after time to read & re-read, analyse and argue with.  It’s the book that I have recommended time after time to customers, friends & family.  It’s like an old friend that I couldn’t possibly part with.

Karen Kingston has based her book on ancient Feng Shui principles, plus she has coined the term “space clearing” and has added her own “spin” to the process, but what I love the most about the book is that it’s easy to follow and it doesn’t rely on complicated traditional mathematical analysis of your home as it uses an intuitive approach to checking out the energy of each area of the house.

There’s a really handy 9 square bagua grid that you can overlay on a floor plan of your property, and it can be applied to a single room, the whole house, or to the entire property when you get really brave!

The grid matches areas of your home to corresponding areas of your life… the most commonly asked questions by customers & friends are usually about relationships (right rear section of the house) and money (left rear section of the house).  When an aspect of my life seems to be “stuck”, I dig out the book & check to see if there is a clutter problem in my environment that needs addressing.  When I feel like there’s an area of my life that needs a “tweak”, I check to see where it fits on the bagua grid, and promptly start re-arranging, cleaning, clearing & transforming the corresponding area of my home until it “feels” right (or at least a bit better!!).

Strangely enough as I’m writing this the main areas of my house that are currently being “transformed” are the hallway (career, life path & the journey) & the left front room which is about to be reclaimed as the lounge room (knowledge, wisdom & self-improvement).  And I’m guessing that it’s no coincidence that the thing in focus for me right now is deciding on a course of study which may or may not lead to a new “career” sometime in the future… I’m not sure why this is so surprising after years of using this book!!

Get yourself a copy of “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui” by Karen Kingston from Spellbound Magical Gifts, 72 Murray St.  Gawler ph 85232460

~ Katrina Nockolds

  1. Avatar photo
    Soli Goodes 13 years ago

    This is great Katrina. Has me wondering what affect my cluttered spare/ storage room is having in my life?? Love your work. Thank you. Soli xoxox

  2. Avatar photo
    Sarah Mowbray 13 years ago

    Thats a brilliant review Katrina! As i was reading it i was just looking around my house/living area and noticing the sections of my house that are cluttered and the corresponding areas that you just mentioned that could do with a little tweeking!
    I think you might have to put a copy of that book aside for me!

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