This year Creating Order from Chaos clients have…
  • reclaimed junk rooms and turned them into home offices, baby nurseries, reading rooms, children’s bedrooms and more
  • taken control of their filing, setting up new systems that work
  • cleared out garages so that the car can fit in
  • rearranged furniture to make better use of space
  • conquered meal planning to save time, money and effort
  • got the whole family involved in keeping the household organised
  • got children to school on time, in clean uniforms and with nutritious lunches
  • donated unwanted clothes and other items to Fitted for Work, RSPCA and other charities
  • ditched old papers and said, “why did I still have that?”
  • created space for the things that matter
  • cleared paths through hallways, removing tripping and fire hazards
  • saved money by using what’s on hand instead of buying replacements
  • found money and jewellery and lost library books
  • felt relief
  • moved on
  • created the lives they want
  • and much more

To all the clients we’ve worked with this year, to all the budding Professional Organisers we’ve trained and advised, to all our subscribers, and to all all our colleagues in business,  all the very best for the New Year!  Please remember we are only too happy to help you celebrate your success.


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