So, you’ve made the big decision to sell.  You have hopes of a quick and successful sale.  Now it’s time to do the things that will produce that sale.

Chances are you’ve already viewed other homes for sale.  Did you notice the different feelings you had, between a home that’s cluttered and one that isn’t?  A clutter-free home evokes feelings of calm and serenity.  It generates a sense of space.  It creates a place potential buyers would want to live.

Need more convincing?  According to a recent survey by, 56% of Australian house-seekers are turned off by clutter in homes open to view.  A vendor risks alienating potential buyers if they don’t declutter.

You only have one chance to make a first impression.  So having made the decision to sell your home, take a good hard look at it from a buyer’s perspective.  Are there piles of papers?  Bookshelves overflowing?  Is clutter stuffed under the beds?  Is your pantry overcrowded?

Remember, potential buyers will open cupboards.  So be ruthless.  Remove anything that doesn’t create the right impression.  Clear off kitchen and bathroom benches to emphasise space.  Straighten books on shelves, toss out half-dead pot plants, round up children’s toys and give them a place to call home.

Now’s the time to decide what’s going with you to your next home.  Toss or donate the rest.  After all, why pay removalists to move things you don’t need?  Recruit the whole family, a supportive friend or enlist the help of a Professional Organiser to get the job done in time for the first inspection.  Enjoy your new clutter-free home, just as potential buyers will.  And enjoy the quick and successful sale resulting from your efforts.


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