In yesterday’s labelling post I mentioned labelling children’s puzzles. So here’s the skinny on that…

Jigsaw puzzles are great for children and pre-school and school-aged children can often have lots of different puzzles. Try as you might, they sometimes get muddled. This leads to frustration for both child and parent. A puzzle without all its pieces is virtually useless and a puzzle with “too many” pieces is liable to be left undone. Dollars and time down the drain. So here’s what you can do instead…

Label the back of each piece of a puzzle so that it can be distinguished. No need to laboriously label “Jane’s koala in tree puzzle” on each piece. Get creative. A simple colour-coding will do the trick. Green for the koala puzzle, red for the truck puzzle, purple for the bird puzzle, etc. I’ve used coloured stickers or felt pens to mark pieces. Or shapes, numbers or letters will work just as well.

This works especially well when puzzles come in a box of 2 or more. Oh, and while you’re at it, pop them into individual containers. Lingerie bags or ziplock bags work wonderfully well.

By the time children have graduated to 500-piece puzzles, this tendency to get them mixed up has usually passed, so please don’t think I’m advocating you spend your free time labelling those. 😉

How does this idea sound? Have you got any suggestions for children’s puzzles?


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  1. rachel 14 years ago

    i put my puzz;es into a snaplock bag too but i also cut the picture out of the box and put it in the bag aswell

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