1             Value your own time and those of others in your life.

2             Be clear about what time you need to leave to get where to your destination.  Add a little extra as a buffer in case something goes wrong.

3             If you car pool, and someone regularly makes you wait – leave without them (as long as they’re capable of looking after themselves).  They’ll soon get the message.

4             Keep a clock in your bathroom.  You can’t be on time if you don’t know what the time is.

5             And while you’re at it, check that all clocks in your home are set to the right time.  That old trick of setting them fast doesn’t fool anyone.

6             Plan ahead.  Check the night before that everything you need to take is ready – your clothes are picked out and ironed, route planned, documents prepared, lunch ingredients stocked up, phone charged, keys where they should be.

7             If all else fails, set your alarm 15 minutes earlier.  A stress-free start to the day is priceless.



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