Today’s favourite thing is small, space efficient, really inexpensive and just like yesterday’s, multifunctional.  It’s also very simple.

Meet the humble ziplock bag.

ziplock bag

It’s useful for all kinds of things – carrying first aid on a hike, storing hair accessories or office supplies to name a few.  They take up little space when not in use and only a little more when in use.  And they are easily labelled.

Do you like ziplock bags too?

  1. Emma Watt 14 years ago

    love them, use them heaps

  2. Emma Watt 14 years ago

    use them to store fiddly things together, and then label them, like “screws for bike light” or “leftover bits from loft bed” (truly, that one was a bit worrying, I didn’t think there were meant to be bits left over, but there were)

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