Man, those frogs are tasty. I’ve been busy with my head down working on my top 5 priorities daily. Since committing to “eating my frogs” I feel more in control and I’m getting more done.

It seems I have a never-ending to-do list. Don’t we all? But what would it be like to have nothing to do? Nothing more on the list I want to achieve, strive for, contribute to the world? I don’t think that’s a place I ever want to be… I’ll let you know if I do.

So I’m embracing my long to-do list, and taming it by eating my frogs daily.

How do you like your frogs?

  1. Chris Owen 14 years ago

    Yes you’re definitely productive and focused at the moment. A true inspiration!

  2. Emma Watt 14 years ago

    I’ve just eaten a frog that had turned into a toad … icky icky icky but a step in the right direction

  3. Avatar photo Author
    creatingorderfromchaos 14 years ago

    Ooh, good for you, Emma. The next one should be a little more palatable. Before you know it, you’ll be chomping down on them with gusto.

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