What is it? Declutter Club is a first in Melbourne. It’s a monthly support group for those truly committed to getting organised.

What happens in Declutter Club? Each month you’ll meet to learn tips and tricks to getting organised and free from clutter. We’ll explore some of the reasons for clutter getting out of control, and there will be monthly challenges to aid your progress.

And what else? There will be between-meeting encouragement and email access so you can ask for help when you’re stuck or for advice on tricky issues. As well, there will be monthly articles and tips exclusive to Declutter Club members.

What happens in Declutter Club stays in Declutter Club. Your privacy is assured. Declutter Club is a safe haven, a place where you can share in confidence. For this reason, numbers are strictly limited.

When and where is Declutter Club? Declutter Club takes place on the last Tuesday night of each month, commencing March 30th. It starts at 7.30 sharp and goes for 2 hours. The venue is in Box Hill, with great parking facilities and disabled access.

How can I join? Declutter Club is open to anyone who is serious about getting free from clutter. 6-months membership is just $247. Why 6-months membership? We are committing to help you win the war on clutter. We believe you can do it, but to really have an impact, full commitment is required.

But wait there’s more! As a special early bird bonus, anyone who joins by March 15th will receive an extra month’s membership at no extra charge. That’s 7 months for the price of 6!

Are you ready to commit to a new way?  Email Angela at angela@creatingorder.com.au today.

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    Narelle Todd 14 years ago

    Hi Angela, and what a fantastic opportunity for Melbournites to discover how they can release their clutter and live rich and happy lives. Congratulations on offering such an uplifting and motivating program. Cheers Narelle

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