with apologies to Paul Simon 🙂

1. Abolish damaged goods

2. Bin the junk mail

3. Chuck old magazines

4. Clear your desk

5. Consolidate cleaning products

6. Cull files

7. Delegate duties

8. Discard lonesome socks

9. Dispose of clothes that don’t fit

10. Ditch tatty towels

11. Do away with dust-catchers

12. Donate books

13. Eliminate excess

14. Eradicate piles

15. Farewell dried out pens

16. Fling fuzzy photos

17. Flush out crimes against fashion

18. Forget unfriendly “friends”

19. Free up the minutes

20. Free yourself from overcommitting

21. Give away unwanted gifts

22. Go through greeting cards

23. Hand down hand-me-downs

24. Hurl dead batteries

25. Let go of old cosmetics

26. Liberate bric-a-brac

27. Lob misshapen candles

28. Monitor medication expiry dates

29. Obliterate junk emails

30. Pass on outgrown toys

31. Pitch perfection

32. Purge useless “storage solutions”

33. Recycle newspapers

34. Reduce pantry stores

35. Register on the “Do Not Call Register”

36. Release untried recipes

37. Remove unreal expectations

38. Resist timewasters

39. Say goodbye to stale spices

40. Shed worn shoes

41. Simplify systems

42. Stamp out stress

43. Toss empty boxes

44. Trash the trash

45. Trim down collections

46. Uncomplicate the complicated

47. Unshackle unused tools

48. Unsubscribe from spam

49. Wave goodbye to worn out pots and pans

50. Wipe out worry


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