Cash, money, mullah, currency, legal tender.  Who doesn’t love it?  But if you’re going to give cash as a gift this Christmas, show you care by taking the time to present it in a pretty or clever way.  Here are a couple of simple ideas from Martha Stewart.

  1. Káren Wallace 14 years ago

    Thanks for pointing these out Angela! My nieces and nephews are all getting movie gift cards this Christmas, and I like the idea of these chinese takeaway boxes for wrapping them differently to delight. Just added them to my list for today!

  2. Angela Woodall 11 years ago

    I’ve just bought my kids a movie voucher and as the cinema doesn’t do vouchers for the slushies or lollies, etc I am also putting in a crisp $5 note with a note from Santa to spend it on that. The cinema staff were also kind enough to give me a popcorn box to put each one in. I also bought some tokens from the fun parlour and a voucher from the sweets shop in the complex and will put all of them in the popcorn box together with a sign on the box to ‘Have a fun day at the cinemas. Love Santa.’ I can’t wait for them to see it. It’ll also take up a fair bit of space in the stocking. Good value.

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